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St. Michael's Student Project
A group of students recently created a video about our business.
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Channel 3 News
Our interview with Kate Duffy at Channel 3 went well.
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Burlington Free Press
The local daily newspaper came out with an article in their popular Business Monday section.
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7 Days
The local paper 7 Days interviewed Charlie in 2008 and published the interview on their Web site.
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The Echo
Megan Davin from the St. Michael's College online newspaper "The Echo" interviewed Charlie about the company.
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Gunnery News
Elizabeth's alma mater newsletter wrote a story about Green Cab.
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Our rates are consistently the lowest in Chittenden County, and with good reason. We have studied the market and have seen rampant price gouging and deception, and decided that the best way to long term prosperity would be to provide a clean, reliable taxi service at a fair, consistent price. Our first move was to make sure that all rides that began and ended within the city limits of Burlington were priced in accordance with Burlington City ordinances.

Then, we based all of our other rides on mileage, and did not penalize customers for crossing over some imaginary zone, so that they would pay double or even more for going one more mile. We have vowed to be transparent in our practices, so that customers can always be informed as to why a ride is priced the way it is. If anyone ever has a problem with the cost of a Green Cab ride, please contact us at

One way that we are keeping costs down is by using vehicles that run on fuels other than petroleum or are powered in part by electricity. These fuels generally are less expensive than petroleum as well as better for the environment, in that they release less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We are always looking for innovative ways to power vehicles, and we are commited to passing the savings on fuel to our customers.

If you would like pricing information on any specific ride, please email us at or call our dispatch phone at 802.864.2424.

We are pleased to report that Green Cab VT has caused quite a stir in the local media. Newspapers, Web sites, and even television stations have contacted us and published stories about our young company. To the left you will find links to the latest round of news items about Green Cab. Below are some links to other Web sites that have featured us. Thanks to all who are spreading the word!

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