"Congratulations! I will pass (your number) on. Whenever either of us needs a cab, you will get the call.
- Diane J.

"I am glad to see your business growing and the workers are very friendly. Reasonable prices, too, and I want to thank you for all this.
- Joshua K.

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. We'll definetly use you all again in the future, good job!"
- Dave D.

"VERY COOL !!!!!"
- Edward S.

"I will add the cab company to our list!"
- Megan S.

"What a great idea! Nice work!"
- George R.

"You guys have a great program."
- Tim A.

We have had many people tell us that they are happy that there is finally a reliable taxi company in Burlington, one that they can trust. Since day one, people have been sending us emails thanking us for our quality service, or for being courteous or funny, or the like. Below and to the left are some of our favorites.

From Yelp:
"When it comes to cab service in Burlington, Green Cab is tops. I called and they arrived within 10 minutes. The driver was friendly and super accommodating. I realized I didn't have cash on me half way through the ride and offered to get out, and he instead took me by an ATM and waited 15 minutes as I drunkenly fumbled with my bank card (those damn diagrams...)-- he didn't charge me any extra! Green cab is the only cab service using hybrid vehicles in the area."

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